Team building

Zespół pracowniczy tworzy personel organizacji, oddziałujący na siebie nawzajem. Praca zespołowa obejmuje starania jednostkowe pracowników, którzy rozwijają swoje umiejętności, eksponują zalety i korygują wady. W pracy zespołowej pomaga praktyka team building.

The employee team is made up of the organization’s staff who interact with each other. Teamwork involves the individual efforts of employees who develop their skills, highlight their advantages and correct their disadvantages. The practice of team building helps in teamwork.

What is team building?

The term “team building” covers the process of building a team using group activities. The goal of team building for companies is to better integrate employees and, as a result, increase staff efficiency. In team building, the most important issue is getting to know your colleagues’ ways of working. This practice is based largely on integration activities that encourage cooperation, force decision-making and problem-solving under time pressure. Their primary task is to develop the so-called soft skills.

Benefits of team building for companies

Taking care of interpersonal relationships in an organization is of fundamental importance. It is possible to do work with minimal staff contact, but then work is not efficient. An unfavorable atmosphere in the workplace may reduce employee opportunities and be an obstacle to achieving satisfaction. Team building practices make it easier to establish deeper connections, which translates into greater motivation to work. Therefore, it is worth making sure that employees meet after hours and can get to know each other from a different side. Additionally, integration within team building builds mutual trust among staff, minimizes the risk of conflicts and focuses the team on real action.

Differences between team building and team integration

Although these two concepts are often used interchangeably, contrary to appearances, team building does not mean the same thing as team integration. Team building is based on certain elements of integration, but the integration itself does not contain elements of team building. It can be said that integration somehow supports team building. It can affect any group of people, not just employees. Integration processes are carried out using events. Then a group of people has the opportunity to get to know each other better. Meanwhile, team building is a kind of group work tool. Its effect is to be not only integration, but above all, increased staff efficiency.

Team building ideas – how to organize classes?

In order to achieve the team building goals, an integration event should be organized that is perfectly suited to a given group. It is worth first determining the level of team integration. Integration activities must be selected so that they do not concern employees’ daily activities. They should help you relax and temporarily forget about commercial activities. As part of team building, you should organize creative integration games that will be engaging for participants and somehow force them to cooperate. Appropriate ideas for team building games are the key to success, so in this situation it is worth using the offer of a professional event agency.