“Hackathon” is a combination of two foreign words – “hack” and “marathon” – which, put together, mean nothing more than a race between programmers.

Knowing English, it is not difficult to decipher the construction of the event’s name. “Hackathon” is a combination of two foreign words – “hack” and “marathon” – which, put together, mean nothing more than a race between programmers. These events usually last about a day, but sometimes from a few hours to even a couple of days. During them, the “computer scientists” invited to the event – it is generally known that the IT industry is one of those concerned with the most dynamic development and gaining more and more importance – face a common task concerning their field of expertise – the content of which they learn as soon as the competition begins. They usually work in groups, and the fastest team receives an attractive prize, either in kind or in cash. The judges of these struggles are usually the organizers of the event and its sponsors.

Goals of hackathon events

The purposes of implementing such events can be many. One of them is undoubtedly the promotion of the brands responsible for their preparation. The media hype created around the competition often helps companies build their positive image as specialists in their sector. Another benefit of arranging these events is the opportunity for IT companies to attract new employees. Those who win hackathons-or merely stand out during them-get the attention of tycoons. Conversely, those who take part in such struggles, thanks to them, have the opportunity to present themselves to potential employers. The last benefit of organizing events of this kind is the chance to solve specific problems in the course of them. Participants in competitions can “take to the workshop” weighty difficulties facing the world, and if not – design some innovative technique to be used by the concern conducting the hackathon.

Organization of Hackathon Wroclaw

Organizing such an event is not easy. The one who prepares it must take care of proper promotion of the event – he can distribute advertising materials for this purpose, or use social networks or undertake cooperation with universities teaching programming. It is advisable not only to gather those interested in signing up for the hackathon, but also to “test” them – make a preliminary selection with the help of several exercises, so that those who will take part in the competition have the right skills and ensure its high level.

At this stage of arranging the project, it is also worthwhile to determine the topic of the struggle – and the choice is unlimited: application development, web pages, data development or equipment operation, and many others.

Next, you need to deal with finding a convenient location, not just Wroclaw. Make sure that our facility will be equipped with modern technologies, such as reliable Wi-Fi, and access to it will not be a hassle.

It is also worth finding financial patrons of the gala, who will help subsidize its preparation, as well as contribute to the cost of the awards.

The hackathon does not have to close in a tournament of programmers. It can also include an interesting lecture or industry training. In this case, the person implementing the event should take care to invite interesting speakers. Regardless of the chosen form of the event, it should be conducted by a professional working in this industry. He also needs to be “pulled off”.




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