Integration events

If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers.”
– Richard Branson owner of the Virgin Mobile brand


Team-building events are an important element in bringing a company’s employees together. They create ideal conditions for motivating the team, which allows them to achieve even better results at work. Such meetings allow you to look at your staff from a different perspective, become a break from the daily routine, stimulate change and cause (positive!) reactions in the employment environment. In order to properly prepare a corporate event that will fit in with your team’s goals and objectives, you need specialists who can advise you on what scenario and attractions will work well for your target group.

  • Are you having a hard time deciding which hotel is right for you?
  • Are you unable to find your way through the maze of event attractions?
  • Wondering what kind of teambuilding training will turn out to be the best?
  • Do you prefer a bartender show, a dance workshop, or maybe an illusion show?
  • Will you choose a DJ or a cover band?
  • A performance by which artist would be most interesting?
  • Do you lack the nerve to come up with a successful theme?

Fox Events knows the answers to these and other questions. We have an established database of contacts and subcontractors. We have “processed” a wide variety of shows, workshops or speeches on realized events. We have visited most hotels in Poland and Europe, creating a map of the best locations for organizing your event, corporate event, team building event or gala.

Fox Events – Organization of INTEGRATION EVENTS Wrocław

Our creativity and ingenuity know no bounds and we are sure to surprise everyone with an unusual solution for a corporate event and team building trip. All you need to do is specify the number of participants and the date of the trip – we will take care of the rest. As one of the few agencies in Poland, we have our own warehouses of event equipment. Large-format team-building games, lighting, sound systems, augmented reality, instant cameras, photo booths and much more – all waiting to be used during a corporate meeting. Choosing Fox Events agency, you allow professionals with many years of experience in the event market, a passion for organizing events and heads full of non-standard ideas for the arrangement of the event to take care of the creation of a corporate integration. We will take care of the preparation of the integration from beginning to end; we will propose its leitmotifs; we will choose the location; we will organize transportation, catering, attractions, workshops, decorations, free time of the event participants and adjust technical solutions.


For harmonizing the staff, all kinds of team-building workshops are important. Their task is to create lasting bonds between colleagues and build team spirit in a department, company or team. Fox Events specialists will prepare for you unorthodox team-building activities, during which there will be no shortage of innovation, creativity and fun.

During teambuilding exercises, participants will learn the basic principles of teamwork, in particular:

  • dowiedzą się, jak efektywnie współpracować ze sobą,will learn how to work effectively with each other,
  • will improve their communication skills,
  • they will learn the principles of ethical competition,
  • will understand how to minimize the amount of work and at the same time increase its results
  • they will learn how to turn the disadvantages of a project into its advantages.
  • Are you having a hard time deciding which hotel will be suitable?

All these elements will be put into a personalized scenario, prepared especially for you. The activities we propose will guarantee effectiveness and success in business. We work with specialists in motivation, business psychology, entertainment and fun – so we are able to advise the best form of integration.


Team building can be done in many different ways. Among them is through the consumption of physical culture. Often there are various fun sports competitions that prove to be a proven method for integrating a new team or refreshing relationships in an existing group.
A soccer or volleyball tournament, a field field hockey match, running on giant inflatables, the use of large-format board games, canoeing, off-roading, laser paintball in the field are just some of the possibilities that await you! Add to this professional entertainers, suitable location, reliable equipment, musical setting and… the recipe for sports teambuilding is ready.


In this form of integration, participants will be tasked with creating some unusual construction: a huge 8-meter long teddy bear, a raft (later we will test it on water!), a space rocket and more! To get the materials for the construction, participants must perform a series of unusual tasks, show reflexes and teamwork. Everyone will discover a little engineer in themselves!


Every businessman and employee of a corporation knows how big a role in the success of a company is played by good cooperation and harmony between the people employed in it, their communication and interpersonal skills. We also offer a wide range of soft skills training and workshops, such as:

  • managing yourself in time,
  • effective communication methods,
  • public speaking,
  • team management,
  • and much more.

Such training is suitable for people who want to improve their efficiency in performing professional duties, strengthen their motivation for them, and learn how to organize their work. The techniques and tools learned at the training will help participants cope with the problem of operating under time pressure. After the training, participants will be more resilient to stress and more effective.


Another interesting form of conducting team-building activities for companies are various types of workshops, during which employees can acquire new skills. We have already organized workshops for our clients, among others:

  • cooking,
  • wine-tasting,
  • drumming,
  • z mof makeup,
  • DIY – do it yourself,
  • scientific,
  • SPA & wellness
  • and many others.

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  • James Bond – Beautiful hostesses in red dresses, a waiter serving a martini glass, a croupier who is about to deal the cards for the decisive round of a game of Black Jack… In addition, properly selected music, a dance show and the recipe for a successful team building trip is ready.
  • St. Andrew’s Day – Do you believe in destiny? If not, after such an integration you will definitely start! We will provide the presence of real fairies who will show the way to a bright future. In addition, a professional animator will lead a number of old-fashioned androgyric games, and on the table will be fortune cookies. At this event we will find out who will be the first to get married and get to know the person who will be promoted next month.
  • The Great Gatsby – Gold and black are intertwined. Appropriate music, huge plumes, diamond necklaces, glittering creations, glitz and glamour – this is the definition of a Great Gatsby-style party. If we add vintage cars, at which our guests dressed in the style of the 20’s will be able to take a souvenir photo of themselves holding a drink characteristic of the era, surely no one will forget this event.

And many more… Want to see what we can prepare for you? Contact us!