Road shows are a special type of events that – instead of taking place once – take place periodically (or in parallel) in different parts of the country, and often in neighboring countries.


It is not without reason that the name of this event brings to mind associations with the road, and even means “road show”. Road shows are a special type of events that – instead of taking place once – take place periodically (or in parallel) in different parts of the country, and often in neighboring countries. Their history began in the south of Europe – it is associated with Spain and Portugal, but these events are increasingly organized in Poland.

The tour includes several-hour, one-day or longer meetings. The form of a road show is basically any – it can take the form of a product or service presentation, seminar meetings or workshops. Often, all these elements are combined to create a truly attractive design. The events in question may be closed events – only invited guests take part in them – people associated with a given industry, officials and local businessmen – or they may have free admission.


The main benefit of organizing such events is that they allow you to reach a much larger audience than in the case of individual galas. Due to the fact that they take place in several (dozen) regions, the hope of attracting media attention from one of the towns where the event takes place increases significantly.

Although organizing such events brings a lot of profits, it also gives their organizers many responsibilities. First of all, they must choose an appropriate location for their celebration and make sure that it can be accessed from any area and by all means of transport. The facility should also meet other conditions – it should have an appropriate number of seats and a large enough standing area, as well as additional amenities – e.g. air conditioning. At the same time, the room should allow for the separation of an area intended for speakers. Promotion of the event is also important. It is the responsibility of its creators to advertise the event well using propaganda materials and social media.

If part of the event plan is a longer speech, it is worth handing out a summary of the speech to those attending. The last issue is the technical solutions to be used during the event. The organizers should guarantee access to the devices used for presentations – screens of appropriate size and sound equipment.

All these issues seem even more difficult when you think that they have to be done more than once – many times and everything has to look almost identical with subsequent repetitions!





Fox Events will be happy to help you overcome the difficulties described, because in addition to many other events, including: integration events, we are organizing road shows. In addition to the fact that we perfectly cope with both promotion (online and off-line marketing) and technical issues, we also organize fair events as part of road shows. Then we “take on” the need to invite exhibitors and build original trade fair equipment. Our hit is a boxing-themed development – a mock-up of a ring with a fight taking place. We make sure that individual events are visually consistent and consistent with the client’s branding. We must emphasize that our account includes, among others: road show for a company that set us the task of organizing 14 events in a month that couldn’t be any different! Even other events pale in comparison to this event – 10 galas taking place simultaneously throughout the country. This is just the tip of the iceberg of our possibilities. Anyone who wants to verify this, please contact us!