The course of the conference is usually similar (but never the same!)


In order to present an issue to employees or customers, conferences are becoming increasingly popular. The types of these events can be various. We distinguish between press conferences organized to provide the media with some information or to dispel rumors; scientific conferences, usually held after the completion of some research to present their results, or business conferences, also known as industry conferences – bringing together employees working in the same industry, often concentrated around one company, and convened to discuss the most important issues in the field. Events of this kind usually generate much more interest than symposia and typical training sessions.


The course of a conference is usually similar (but never the same!) – it consists of presentations and demonstrations (e.g. of the results of important tests), as well as a series of panel discussions on a given topic, and very often workshops, i.e. exercises prepared for the conference participants, aimed at familiarizing them with innovative (or not the latest, but very relevant and still current) techniques used in a specific industry.

The implementation of events of this kind is an extremely logistically difficult undertaking. This is because the conference organizer is required to book the facility where the event will take place, and before doing so, carefully check that it is suitable. It is necessary to make sure that the building has a sufficient number of rooms of the necessary size (often their additional function – the possibility of separating small areas for smaller groups – is also useful), as well as to check the number of parking spaces available for arriving conference guests by car and the accessibility for those using public transport or air transport. Choosing a convenient location has become particularly difficult now that conferences are less and less often held in typical office interiors, replaced by non-standard venues providing ample opportunity to continue business discussions after the official part is over.


  • sound system adapted to the audience and the venue,
  • lighting that will surprise the attendees and emphasize the rank and theme of the meeting,
  • appropriate projection of the presented content, i.e. choosing the right quality and dimensions of screens and projectors so that guests from the last rows also have a good view of the presentations.


When booking the complex where the event will be held, it is worth gaining assurance that it has unwavering access to modern technologies – such as Wi-Fi, which is useful for such events, or whether at least this center offers the possibility of connecting projectors and whether they are on the equipment of the edifice. If one uses the provided projectors – one should check their sound system and technical parameters. In addition, the one who prepares the conference should guarantee entertainment for the guests to indulge in during breaks from activities.

Another difficulty in organizing a conference concerns its promotion. Preparing advertising materials and developing ways to reach as many potential interested parties as possible is not an easy task. So is the proper branding of the client already at the event – the preparation of welcomepacks, the marking of individual areas and the selection of appropriate souvenir gadgets must be properly thought out.

The event agency Fox Events in Wroclaw takes the burden off those wishing to organize a conference, for this is one of the services we offer. Among other things, we offer our clients assistance in creating multimedia presentations that they can use in the course of their demonstrations. We also generate videos and animations shown using 3D technology, as well as select and provide the appropriate technology and logistics for the event.

Many times we also support those who hire us in terms of “filling in” conferences. We invite guests to them and ensure the participation of interesting speakers with whom we have worked for years.





In addition, we provide conference participants with many attractions that allow them to “take a break” between lectures.
Our technical facilities (we use, among other things, LED and diode screens, a professional sound system, as well as lighting) allow us to film events and conduct live broadcasts of these meetings.
Noteworthy, without a doubt, is the fact that we customize each conference – as well as all organized ceremonies – to the individual preferences of the client – we choose original music, adjust technological solutions, etc.
And much more… Do you want to see what we can prepare for you? Contact us!