Promotion of the company through an event

What is event marketing?

What is Event Marketing? This term refers to the type of events organized by various companies. The literal translation of this phrase, which makes us talk about “event marketing”, sounds comic and certainly does not fully reflect the meaning of implementing such a project. They are prepared to promote the brand. Such events are intended to create a positive image of the company in the eyes of customers (both current and potential).
This idea is not new at all – this type of events was already known in antiquity, when by preparing the games, the ruler of Rome wanted to win over his citizens, who, grateful for the opportunity to watch them, sympathized even more with Caesar. Currently, Event Marketing is one of the methods of building a favorable image of the company in the environment. These parties are remembered forever by the people who took part in them. Concerts, shows and shows advertising a product, service or company are a pleasant experience for their participants, which they will associate with the goods promoted in this way in the future. Often, thanks to them, the brand also gains media publicity.
The purpose of events of this type is two-fold, because they allow the company to influence its customers and vice versa – they not only give a chance to “stand out” for specific companies, but also enable them to learn about the attitudes and opinions of the beneficiaries of their services, which makes it easier to meet sales goals.

What goals does event marketing achieve?

Moreover, it cannot be denied that Event Marketing, by providing customers with knowledge about the promoted product range, creates an “expert” image of the company’s owners. Such ventures not only advertise the brand externally, but also find application in its center. Events that bring the team together are often organized – all kinds of team games and social meetings are aimed at the so-called teambuilding, i.e. strengthening integration in the employee group. The growing popularity of Event Marketing is evidenced by event fairs organized in many cities, where experts talk about the latest trends in this field, and people arranging them can find a lot of inspiration.


Your company is introducing a new product to the market and you would like the information to spread through all marketing channels? Take advantage of cooperation with us in the field of Event Marketing and tell us what effects you expect. We will help you organize a unique event combined with the presentation of products on a larger scale – we will prepare everything so that your guests will be delighted.

The positive impression made on participants will translate into interest in the product presented during the product presentation. The sales presentations we organize are designed to maximize the potential of your product. We focus on creativity and innovation to ensure that your product sales presentation is not only memorable, but also compelling. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in Event Marketing, we can guarantee that your promotional events will be effective in attracting attention and building brand awareness. Your new product presentation will be carried out with the utmost care to achieve the best results.


Marketing specialists, if employed, are responsible for the implementation of this type of events. However, it usually happens that the preparation of such an event is commissioned to a professional event agency https://foxevents.pl.

Event Marketing is also part of the Fox Events offer. Event Marketing can take place virtually anywhere. We have carried out events in supermarkets, streets, stations and even in public transport – e.g. in the subway. During them, we often promote individual products of our clients by giving out free samples to guests, as well as the brand itself – including: We deliver drinks in cups marked with the company’s logo, energy drinks and sweets.




Event Marketing WITH Fox Events

When preparing, not only what was available was taken on one’s shoulders, but everything related to it. Take, for example: We create graffiti and murals related to the event in visible places, or we put up posters informing about its date on site. All this by executing the result. The most popular attractions that provide their customers with such events, without the participation of the so-called Flash mobs. The sudden appearance of a large group of people in one place, which leads to one thing, is definitely a great surprise for certain people, even people. During one of the events, we offered participation in attractive events hidden in… a block of ice. Even though you have many obstacles in your portfolio, this is only a fraction of our skills. We welcome anyone who doubts this, please contact us!