Online events

As an event agency, we always try to be up to date with all trends and news. And the new reality in which we now find ourselves has forced us to look at the world of events in a different way. Therefore, we are proud to present our online event offers.


Conference, congress or maybe a concert? For us it’s not a problem – we work with the best studios throughout Poland to provide you with all kinds of solutions to organize an online event as close to you as possible.
In the studio awaits:

  • LED screen,
  • audio system,
  • event lighting,
  • technicians and implementers ready to work

We will also help with the preparation of the script, fine-tuning of graphics and animation.


We are rushing to organize online conferences. The epidemic situation has forced most of us to work and contact online. You can also organize a conference remotely, in addition, its quality will not be inferior in any way to the events, implemented stationary. Open up to new possibilities and trust our specialists. We have modern equipment that allows us to perform tasks that may seem impossible. We offer the organization of online conferences, with all the elements, accompanying events of this type. Exceptional conference atmosphere, uninterrupted reception and packages, delivered to all participants are a guarantee of your participation in a large-scale online event. Grow and keep in touch with the best thanks to the opportunities offered by the Internet… and us.


Our long-standing business involves acquiring contacts and taking care to maintain them over the years. We value cooperation with leaders in their industries. Thanks to our cooperation with many studios across the country, we can offer an online conference studio located as close to you as possible. The state-of-the-art online studio where we will organize a conference, concert, congress or any other event for you contains modern equipment that will make any event unforgettable, according to your plans and expectations. If you do not have an idea for the setting, we will be happy to advise you or take care of the event program. Our online studio offers a state-of-the-art LED screen, audio system, event lighting. Our technicians are ready to help you with anything you need. Need help with animation or graphics? We are available to help. With our online studio, you will create an unforgettable event atmosphere in a professional, modern and reliable environment (in any situation).


Relationships within a team are constantly changing, but individuals have inherent attributes and qualities that determine the roles, as well as the tasks in which they perform best. Teambuilding is the deliberate, planned and well thought-out tasks that a team is subjected to, most often on the occasion of a team-building trip, so that the group learns about each other’s capabilities and individual members can perform at their optimum. We know how much you miss having weekends together with your co-workers, so we have dealt with the limitations. We offer online teambuilding so that each of you, in the comfort of your home office, can be with your colleagues, perform inspiring tasks and consolidate your role in the team. We are here to organize an unforgettable online event for you and your team. Perform tasks and enjoy your presence, not physically, but mentally. Interact and create great things, and we will help you organize the event perfectly, reliably and with an idea.





The new situation in which we find ourselves has forced us to reorganize work in enterprises. One of the most common solutions is to switch to “home office”. Often, such an option has been a kind of distinction for employees, but functioning like this in the long run isolates employees. This, in turn, causes disintegration of the team.
In this situation, we go out of our way – we stop various games and activities that can be carried out safely – from your own home. What have we prepared for you?

  • quizzes, teleseminars, or game apps to entertain the whole team,
  • internet CSR,
  • online cooking,
  • games for the little ones – you take care of the work we will take care of your kids,
  • joint on-line movie screening (with delivery of a movie package to your home door),
  • sports challenges,
  • and much more!

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