Company picnics

Such ventures are aimed not only at integrating a team that, understanding each other better, will be able to carry out official tasks even more effectively, but also at building a positive brand image – both externally and internally.


One of the ways to increase the internal integration of the employees of a given company are so-called company picnics. These are outdoor events organized for people who are part of the company and, increasingly, their families. It is not uncommon that friends of these people or even representatives of the competition are also invited to these events.
Such ventures are aimed not only at integrating the team, which, understanding each other better, will be able to perform business tasks even more effectively, but also at building a positive brand image – both externally and within the company. First of all, the associated employees, when invited to such an event, will feel that the company has given them something and will want to return the favor by performing their duties more efficiently. Another is to create a favorable image of the company in the eyes of the relatives gathered around it.


In addition to creating a good corporate image, company picnics allow managers to get to know their staff better in non-work circumstances, and relatives of subordinates can penetrate the employment environment, that is, the de facto place where he spends most of his life, his husband or father.

However, it cannot be denied that organizing such an event is a logistically complex undertaking. The one who arranges it must take care to prepare a suitable location and make sure that it will meet the requirements that the event will set before him in every respect. So, for example, it should be checked whether the preferred location will make the success of the event dependent on the weather. To ensure that this does not happen, the area you decide on should give you a chance to adapt it quickly to the weather conditions, have canopies, an area for tents, etc.

In addition, the person in charge of preparing the ceremony should provide appropriate entertainment for its guests. If only employees and their spouses are to attend – the matter seems simple. When inviting families with children, it is advisable to separate two areas – the “adult” area and the area intended for children’s games. It is also necessary to check accessibility to the chosen picnic location, guarantee catering, and often the presence of a person documenting the event – a photographer or videographer.

It is also on the part of the organizer of the event to ensure the safety of its guests by ensuring the participation in the party of specialists dealing with the participants for its various elements, as well as medical services. Problems can arise not only from making sure that the invited people are not in danger, but also from arranging the appropriate permits.

The last (actually, the first!) trouble for the event organizer is its promotion, preparing advertising materials and effectively informing the invited people.





We make sure that there is no shortage of attractions for those willing to participate at any age. For toddlers we offer, among others, the popular “inflatables”, i.e. rubber tents, slides, etc., as well as games conducted by professional animators – face painting, making washable tattoos and many others. For older children, we offer, among other things, sports games that can also interest adults.
In addition, we provide event participants with food tailored to the tastes of the target groups – grilled dishes, classic meals, cool snacks and a variety of beverages – the more “traditional” ones like coffee or tea, as well as sweet, carbonated drinks liked by children.
If necessary, we also take care of obtaining the required permits and ensuring that the event complies with the law.
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