Galas and celebrations

Anniversaries associated with a brand (such as the brand’s 20th anniversary) or moments when one of the people employed deserves to be awarded…

Organization of galas, anniversaries and celebrations

Certainly, anyone who is part of any company – be it its owner or an employee of that company – is well aware of how many occasions there are in their work environment to celebrate. Anniversaries associated with a brand (such as the 20th anniversary of that brand) or moments when one of the employees deserves to be rewarded – for example, for showing particularly high commitment to their duties in the passing period. All of these situations, in addition to launches, i.e., lavish new product launches, create the possibility – indeed the necessity – of holding appropriate ceremonies, galas and anniversaries.

Anniversary gala – how to approach the topic?

Although they are usually large undertakings- the benefits of arranging them not infrequently compensate the heads of companies for the financial resources they had to “put” into preparing the festivities. This is because each party of this kind is associated with specific benefits. Thus, for example, galas to honor the most dedicated employees of the company usually cause them to increase their dedication to the development of the brand even more. In addition, the loyalty of the entire staff – not just the decorated subordinate – increases. Personnel who are allowed to participate in the ceremonial round anniversary of the corporation’s founding – strongly identify with it, because they know that they are appreciated, and that their company can take care of providing attractive entertainment for employees. Ceremonies for the launch of a new product – if conducted with so-called pomp – sink into the memory of customers and ensure the success of the product that is promoted in this way, since the beneficiaries of the company’s services will always associate that commodity with the gala that was held on the occasion of its inauguration.

Key aspects in organizing galas and anniversaries

It is already known what pluses are attracted by the celebration of galas and anniversaries. However, there is one condition for these realizations to be successful. Only specialists must take responsibility for their preparation. The right people for this task are professionals from Fox Events, and this type of banquets is one of the services we offer.

When we undertake the arrangement of such an event, we “take on board” all the tasks pertaining to it. We offer our clients a comprehensive service – from suggesting a convenient location and technological solutions, to providing the event’s guests with interesting attractions (including a variety of demonstrations – acrobatics, magic or light art, called mapping light shows in 3D, or performances by musical bands), to holding the gala. The latter often becomes a logistically demanding task, as all the elements of organizing a gala must be properly adjusted, both from the technical side by looking at the potential of the hall, and matching the client’s budget.

The most important thing we can boast is that we honor each gala and company anniversary (as well as all other events we organize!) by creating a customized scenario for them, taking into account the preferences of the target group present at the banquet. For each such celebration we generate so-called key visuals, i.e. original ways of graphical and textual presentation of themes related to the brand of the client ordering the event.

We always take care of the unforgettable setting of the event: innovative technological and scenographic solutions, perfectly chosen location and appropriate catering are the benefits of working with Fox Events.





When organizing company anniversaries or corporate galas, we focus on creating memorable moments that celebrate important milestones for the organization. At Fox Events, we understand the importance of your events and how they can strengthen your brand and team. Our offer to organize your company’s anniversary includes everything from choosing the perfect location to creating a unique event scenario that perfectly reflects the character and history of your company. We take care of every detail to make company anniversaries unique and memorable events.

Our corporate anniversaries we organize are elaborate in every detail, from unique visuals to tailored catering. Whether we organize a 20th anniversary or a company birthday, each event is unique and tailored to the needs of our clients.

Organization of galas and celebrations

One of the more common ones we can boast of realizing is a 1920s-style gala. Men dressed in hats and tuxedos straight out of gangster movies, long gloves on the hands of ladies holding cigarillos and feather headbands adorning their heads – such elements of scenography turned this event into an unforgettable experience.
An event styled as a pre-war ball is not all that our event agency Fox Events can afford!
Anyone who wants to see for themselves what other attractions we have in store, feel free to contact us!