CSR events – how and why to organize an ECO event?

Ekologia w biznesie to nie tylko moda, ale przede wszystkim ważne i niezwykle potrzebne działania. Społeczna odpowiedzialność biznesu stała się niezbędnym elementem jego funkcjonowania. Z jednej strony firmy pomagają, a z drugiej – same czerpią z tego tytułu korzyści. EKO eventy, imprezy w klimacie zero waste oraz spotkania CSR to coraz popularniejszy trend w organizacji wydarzeń. Imprezy firmowe w duchu CSR są niezwykle potrzebne, a jednocześnie wyjątkowo doceniane przez klientów. Jak je zorganizować i dlaczego warto?

Ecology in business is not only fashion, but above all important and extremely necessary activities. Corporate social responsibility has become an essential element of its functioning. On the one hand, companies help, and on the other, they themselves benefit from it. ECO events, zero waste events and CSR meetings are an increasingly popular trend in organizing events. Corporate events in the spirit of CSR are extremely necessary and, at the same time, extremely appreciated by customers. How to organize them and why is it worth it?

What is CSR?

CSR is an abbreviation from English. It stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, or in translation – corporate social responsibility. Its assumption is the general involvement of business and company employees in protecting the natural environment and helping local communities. In other words, CSR aims to make entrepreneurs aware of the impact of business on society, market conditions and the natural environment, and to help them take responsibility for their actions. It is worth emphasizing that activities in the spirit of CSR do not have to be based only on the daily professional duties of employees. They are also implemented through marketing activities and the organization of ECO events.

CSR events in practice – can an event be ECO?

Events in the spirit of CSR, also called ECO events or green integration, although they are considered new practices, their popularity is growing. CSR events are in the spirit of team building and have a positive impact on the company’s employees. Such an undertaking may be carried out by cleaning up garbage in green areas or working for people with disabilities, seniors or orphanages.

How to organize an ECO event?

The company can organize an EKO event on its own or entrust its implementation to a professional event agency. Cooperation with professionals ensures that the event will be held at the highest level. The event agency selects the right place, proposes attractions tailored to the nature of the event and ensures that everything goes according to plan. CSR events are most often organized in nature or in small event spaces. If the event takes place in a closed venue, it is worth ensuring appropriate plant design. A good solution is to serve healthy and light meals. Such events are also guided by the zero waste idea, so you should give up plastic tableware, cutlery and accessories. You also need to take care of appropriate attractions. Examples include eco-workshops, sports competitions or lectures on ecological topics.

Benefits of CSR events

There is no doubt that operating companies in accordance with CSR principles brings them tangible benefits. CSR events are becoming more and more widely implemented in many enterprises. It is important to communicate them to customers and promote them among other companies. It is worth organizing CSR events because they build the image of a committed company in the minds of customers. The most important advantages of ECO events include:

  • better company image,
  • increase in customer loyalty,
  • rosnącgrowing interest in the brand,
  • increasing staff involvement,
  • increase in company profits.