Banking industry: Conference with an evening banquet

konferencja z wieczornym bankietem


Banking industry


210 attendees


9 September 2023



Presentation of the report at the conference with an evening banquet

Tasks of the Fox Events Event Agency when organizing an event:

  • developing a creative concept for presenting the report,
  • construction of scenography, presentation setting together with the host,
  • coordination and development of event logistics,
  • providing technical support during the entire event,
  • organizing additional attractions for participants during the evening banquet (creating the main idea, table arrangement and the main attraction),
  • proposing solutions in harmony with ecology.

Conference with an evening banquet – how and where did the event take place?

Recently, we had the pleasure of organizing a conference and an evening banquet for one of our regular clients from the banking industry. The event took place in the charming Grand

Hotel Tiffi in Masuria, and its main goal was to present an annual report based on an interesting creative concept. This form was intended to keep the audience’s attention, engage the audience and help them better remember important reporting data prepared by the company. At the stage of preparing the offer, we proposed several original creative concepts, from which the client selected the form with the participation of cabaret artists, specifically the “Student Session”. The heroes of the story had to prepare a final paper before sunrise.

Inspired by the conversation, they decided to use the discussed topic in the report. Over the next hours, working together and integrating their observations, they presented interesting data to the same viewers. In this type of production, it is important to select the right actors and provide them with substantive support, because on a daily basis they perform artistic work based on a script. with a different type of content.

We invited renowned artists to perform in this role – Olga Łasak, the “star” of the Czesuaf cabaret, and Przemysław Żejmo, known from the Jurki cabaret. In this non-standard performance, we supported the actors with additional audiovisual materials, such as YouTube videos, a podcast, a radio broadcast, live on Instagram, and a GPT chat. These recordings were teaching aids for our “students” and were fully created and produced in our agency.

Arrangement and scenography of a conference room

For the conference performance, we built a set that fully reflects the arrangement of a student room. We also provided appropriate, professional lighting and sound system, and the implementation of the vision. The performance ultimately fulfilled its purpose and kept the audience’s attention throughout the speech and engaged the audience in participating in the debate.

We encourage our clients to use this type of conference solutions. Our experience shows that presenting data in an interesting, creative way increases recipients’ attention to the presented data, which may translate into better assimilation.

After the successful presentation of the report, the agency had 2.5 hours to quickly rearrange the room, where an evening banquet was also held. We turned the theater arrangement of the room into a banquet arrangement, and the stage full of scenography for the show, ready for a cover band to perform. At the same time, the tables were enriched with thematic decorations, and the evening atmosphere was created by elegant, decorative lighting in the client’s colors. The Nocny Koncert band kept our guests entertained until the morning, presenting an energetic performance.

Safety of participants during the event

At closed events, you should also remember about the safety of participants and providing them with appropriate protection. The more successful the event, the greater the likelihood of uninvited guests, which is why the agency rose to the challenge and ensured the comfort of participating in the conference and evening banquet.


A lot of work, passion and professionalism put into this project by the entire team of the event agency resulted in great success for our client and ourselves. We can’t wait for the next project!