International conference ENERGY TECH SUMMIT

międzynarodowa konferencja ENERGY TECH SUMMIT 2022


Foreign financial industry


2000+ attendees


26-28 april 2022



Energy Tech Summit: Organization of an international hybrid conference

Last year we had the pleasure of organizing the hybrid international conference Energy Tech Summit. It was a three-day conference held at the Sofitel hotel in Warsaw.

3 days, 3 stages, over 300 speakers (including about 100 remotely)

The task of the Fox Events Agency during the implementation of the event was:

Securing event technology on each of the three stages, i.e.:

  • securing an appropriate stage appropriate to the number of people performing,
  • stage and conference room lighting,
  • sound system appropriate to the audience and space.

What was the organization of the international Energy Tech Summit conference like?

The key to organizing this meeting was to enable hybrid connections – our stage directors did not know until the last moment how many people would perform offline and how many online. Therefore, it was important to be prepared for every eventuality and to properly practice and discuss it during rehearsals.

Of course, we also prepared navigation so that each conference guest could find their way around the hotel, and we also took care of appropriate client branding so that everyone knew who was organizing the conference.

Such an event cannot take place without a dedicated reception desk – registered guests could approach by showing the QR code, and after a while information appeared in our system that a given participant had appeared at the event. Thanks to this, the client had a constant overview of how many people had already arrived at the event.

Organization of integration evenings during conferences

In addition, the agency was responsible for preparing two different integration evenings. The first of them took place at the Sofitel hotel – the guests were treated to a show in the form of a violinist’s performance, a live cooking station using liquid nitrogen and music with a DJ.

On the second day, we took our VIP guests to a wonderful space – Skyfall Warsaw – it is one of the most prestigious locations on the map of Poland, and it also has the only moving viewing platform in Europe!

In this amazing setting, we prepared awards for the best speeches at the conference, and the entire evening was honored by the performance of the talented Natalia Capelik-Miuanga.

Despite a lot of work in a very short time, the agency managed to organize the entire event without any problems. And the client’s satisfaction with the entire conference translated into subsequent orders.