7 ideas for theme events in 2023

Organizacja imprez tematycznych w firmach zyskuje na popularności. Imprezy firmowe zmieniają tradycyjne przyjęcia w okazję do integracji całego zespołu. Świetnie dobrana muzyka, kostiumy, stylowe dekoracje i smaczne przekąski to idealna recepta na zabawę do białego rana.

Organizing theme events in companies is becoming more and more popular. Corporate events turn traditional parties into an opportunity to integrate the entire team. Well-selected music, costumes, stylish decorations and tasty snacks are the perfect recipe for partying until dawn.

Few words about theme events

A themed party, also called a costume party, is characterized by having a main theme. The topics of such projects vary greatly. It is determined only by the imagination and interests of the organizers. During such an event, participants’ costumes, decorations, music, and sometimes even the menu correspond to a specific theme. Most often, the participants travel back in time or dress up as their favorite characters. Theme parties require more creativity and thus provide a great opportunity to express your personality. The very organization of a thematic event integrates the team in order to search for a leitmotif. Here are the most interesting ideas for themed parties in 2023.

  1. 90′

Organizing an event in the style of the 1990s is, for many of us, a sentimental journey into the past. The 1990s are primarily associated with specific fashion, dominated by nylon. It is also a time of triumph for disco-polo and pop music. Vodka was king at parties, and in apartments you could find VCRs and the first computers.

  1. Welcome to PRL

The times of the Polish People’s Republic are a mine of inspiration for the event organizers. When looking for an outfit, it is worth looking into the wardrobes of your parents and grandparents. Partying in the style of the Polish People’s Republic must be full of decorations and music from those years. The menu should include typical Polish appetizers from this era – pickled cucumbers, brawn, herrings and vegetable salad. You should also have vodka, and for non-drinkers – orangeade or tea. All dishes can be served on cards, and the attraction will be the host of the party.

  1. Hollywood party

This is a thematic event for all cinema lovers. Participants most often dress up as characters from their favorite movies. The most important element of the decoration should be the red carpet. The highlight of the evening may be the Oscars for the best dressed participants or a knowledge quiz about Hollywood productions. Of course, there should be popcorn.

  1. Hawaiian party

Organizing a corporate event in the Hawaiian style will easily transport your guests to a paradise island. Decoration with inflatable palm trees, sand and coconuts, palm drinks and a table full of tropical fruits will be the biggest attraction of such an evening. Guests should wear grass skirts, flip-flops and floral necklaces.

  1. Wild, wild west

At such a themed party, cowboys and cowgirls party to the rhythm of country music. The interior of the room can be decorated like the Wild West, with inflatable cacti playing the main role.

  1. Pirate adventure

Sea, ships and rum – this is the perfect idea for organizing a themed party and decorations. Shanties, snack tasting and pirate songs will make many evenings more pleasant. Pirate styling is a mandatory element of this fun.

  1. Space evening

Guests, inspired by the appearance of “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” characters, play the role of aliens. Planets, spaceships and stars will serve as decorations. When organizing a corporate event, it is also worth taking care of lighting and appropriate sound equipment.